Olivia Rodrigo’s New Video For “Traitor” Is Dreamy And Filled With Emotions Of Heartbreak

Olivia Rodrigo has released a music video for her emotional song “traitor,” the latest single off of her debut album, SOUR. The song itself is packed with tons of emotion and you can feel those emotions while watching Olivia in this video. Showing off her new pink hair, we see Olivia battle with her heartbreak throughout the duration of this video.

The video starts off whimsical with a dreamy shot of Rodrigo jumping in the clouds. By the start of the first verse the shot switches to Olivia sitting in the bed of a pickup truck visibly upset. On a night out with friends who are trying to lift her spirits, it seems Olivia is struggling to forget the betrayal of her ex. We see multiple shots of Olivia and her group of friends hanging out in a neon lit arcade. While the friends seem to be having fun playing games, Olivia seems to be lost in her thoughts. Her gaze pans towards a Guitar Hero game for a quick second; which is speculated to be an easter egg about her past relationship with Joshua Bassett because it was a game they played together.

By the end of the video the group is seen breaking into their highschool for a late night swim in the pool and a run across the football field. In this video Olivia perfectly portrays the emotions of feeling heartbroken all while trying to look fine on the outside for her friends. The video itself has such a dreamy aesthetic due to the mixture of camcorder and HD footage utilized. By the end of the video we see another clip of Olivia jumping in the clouds before she disappears behind a door in a field of stars. The visuals in this video are truly breathtaking and filled with emotion. You can check out Olivia Rodrigo’s dreamy new video for “traitor” down below.


Featured Image: Ericka Clevenger

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