NOTD Collaborates With The Band Camino To Create A Dreamy Indie EDM Track “Never A Good Time”

The past few years have brought lots of growth for both NOTD and The Band Camino. So, it only makes sense that the Swedish production duo got the Memphis indie rock band in on this awesome collaboration. “Never A Good Time” sees the best from both bands. With The Band Camino’s soothing vocals combined with NOTD’s soothing melodies, it’s a match made in heaven.

NOTD’s last live shows saw them opening for Zedd, while The Band Camino just finished a tour with Dan + Shay. Together, these music groups only become more powerful. It’s also amazing to see how innovative young artists are. Both the production duo and the rock trio started making music while in school. In recent years they have been honing their crafts through collaboration and utilizing internet culture. Now, “Never A Good Time” shows how creative minds coming together can inspire incredible art.

“Never A Good Time” makes going through a breakup or saying goodbye sound almost dreamy. The lyrics are about the relatable experience of “if you love someone let them go.” Making the right choice isn’t always easy. Relationships, breakups, and feels are complicated, yet the lyrics express it so naturally. Sonically, the sad song is airy and smooth. It might even have you dancing to a breakup song. But hey, maybe it’s a good reminder that even with a tough situation, you can be happy about the next chapter in your life.

Overall, the two artists’ styles compliment each other extremely well. NOTD’s subgenre of EDM fits extremely well with The Band Camino’s blend of pop-rock and indie-electronic sounds. With the sadder lyrics fitting over a happy beat, it makes for the perfect summer song released in winter. Hopefully, “Never A Good Time”  brings in new fans for both groups and they continue to grow. Maybe we’ll even get some more The Band Camino features when NOTD finally releases their first album!

Check out the track here!

Featured Image: Island Records

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