Avril Lavigne Is Back With New Single “Bite Me”

The pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne is finally back with new music with the release of her latest single “Bite Me.” The new single which she collaborated on with Travis Barker is the first taste of her upcoming album since signing to Barker’s label, DTA Records. The song “Bite Me” comes with a sense of nostalgia that will bring you back to Avril’s Early pop-punk days.

Along with the song Avril also released a video which she stars in alongside Travis. The video goes along with the song’s theme of not putting up with people who try to tear you down. About the song Avril had mentioned in a statement “It’s a song about self worth and really just standing up for yourself and just being like, ‘You know what, you didn’t treat me right, you didn’t treat me well, and that doesn’t work for me. So baby, you can bite me.'” She sings in the chorus, “Hey you, you should’ve known better, better to f**k with someone like me // Hey you, forever and ever you’re gonna wish I was your wifey // Should’ve held on, should’ve treated me right // I gave you one chance, you don’t get it twice // Hey you, and we’ll be together never, so baby, you can bite me.”

In the video we see Avril terrorize an ex who broke her heart with the help of Travis and some tutu-wearing friends wielding hammers and chainsaws. One thing for sure after watching this video is you definitely don’t want to mess with Avril and her crew. Avril has teased on her Instagram that bite me is just a taste of what’s to come with the new music she has been working on and we are super excited to hear what’s next. You can check out Avril Lavigne’s new video for “Bite Me” down below.

Featured Image: DTA RECORDS

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