Interview: Always ‘A Good Time’ with NOTD

Swedish dance-pop duo NOTD aren’t your normal production team. NOTD, which consists of Samuel Brandt and Tobias Danielsson, met on Soundcloud while releasing music separately. While Samuel was a high school student, he found Tobias’ music and loved it, so he reached out to him and started to virtually work together. Eventually the soon-to-be platinum-selling duo, met and the rest is history!

NOTD have worked with artists from Bea Miller to Nina Nesbitt, and have even remixed tracks from the likes of Ed Sheeran and DJ Khaled. When chatting with Samuel and Tobias about their dream collaborations, some included The 1975, which would be Tobias’ “dream.” Others include Julia Wolf and Dominic Fike.

During the pandemic, Brandt and Danielsson took some time to reinvent their sound. “Although many of our fans have come to know us as dance-pop artists, we spent a lot of time during the pandemic digging in to figure out how the NOTD sound can continue to evolve. We found ourselves listening more and more to artists like The Band Camino, The 1975, and LANY and leaned into those influences as we crafted the next chapter of NOTD music.”

While discovering their new sound, NOTD decided to work with The Band Camino and just recently released their collaboration, “Never A Good Time.” The duo stated, “This new sound feels like a step forward for us, and collaborating with The Band Camino on “Never A Good Time’” is a dream come true.” With the year wrapping up and everyone putting together their year-end favorite lists, NOTD had noted that this track was their favorite released of the year.

Despite typically being in the pop world prior to their TBC collaboration, they see themselves venturing more into the alt-pop/rock world. “Just being able to experiment and not be stuck in this kind of pop-lane, so we want to be able to experiment with stuff and still have our sound, so people listen to our music and everyone can listen to every genre of music.” NOTD’s currently working on an EP, one we hope to hear soon with one of their dream collabs! While we wait for the EP, be sure to stream “Never A Good Time” here.

Featured Image: Island Records

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