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Josh Pan Lets His Listeners Decide How Deep “Float” Will Cut

Hot on the heels of his “go with the fire” music video, Josh Pan returns to 88rising with “float.” It’s the final piece of a captivating two-part video series and serves as his third release of 2021. Yet, despite being the concluding chapter to a seemingly personal story, “float” is whatever each listener needs it to be.

“float” achieves a sense of ambiguity while still being relatable enough for a diverse audience. This was done by design, with Pan refusing to spoon-feed the song’s context to his listeners. It’s one of many ways that the Taiwan-raised artist reinvents his artistic wheel. He manages to explore the most negative of human experiences while pushing his boundaries as a musician. Then again, he makes it look effortless given his talents as a producer, songwriter, vocalist, DJ and multi-instrumentalist.

“While its lyrics present obvious meaning, with feelings of loss and desperation, mourning the end of a relationship, ‘float’ is to be left up to the interpretation of the listeners,” says Pan. “The feelings and ideas portrayed through the lyrics can be applied to any situation and any relationship, whether romantic, platonic, familial, or even a relationship with a substance or addictive behavior. Apply the lyrics and feelings of this song to the context of your own life and tell me what it means to you.”

“go with the fire” boasted an adrenaline-pumping, heist-oriented music video. Still, its thrilling conclusion is one you have to see for yourself. Josh Pan prides himself on delivering the unexpected, with “float” chronicling grief and reconciliation in a relatable manner. It’s a testament to his many talents and admirable versatility.

Pan is working with 88rising on his next, as-yet-untitled album due this fall. In the meanwhile, you can watch his official music video for “float” below.

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