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Royal Blood Release a Music Video for Hopeful Track “All We Have Is Now”

Last Thursday, Royal Blood released a music video for their song “All We Have Is Now,” off the band’s third studio album Typhoons, which came out last April. The video was created and directed by Liam Lynch, who was also in charge of the music videos for “Boilermaker” and “Oblivion.”

Regarding the video, Royal Blood stated, “we couldn’t speak any higher of Liam Lynch. He sends us the first cut of his creations, and we don’t change a thing; they’re perfect […] We have zero involvement other than giving him complete creative freedom! Thank you, Liam, for not only bringing our songs to life in such a style but making us feel understood when we watch them back. This was sent to us as somewhat of a surprise!”

On the other hand, Liam stated, “thanks to the band for inspiration and creative freedom to do whatever I wanted. Thanks to my wife for actually being in [the video] with me.”

“All We Have Is Now” is one of the best songs in Typhoons, and it also has a very different sound from what the band is used to doing. The slow-paced track is a piece of advice for the listener to seize the moment, for we don’t know when death will come knocking on our doors.

In the music video, Lynch truly captured the essence of the song with a simple yet resonating concept. The main character walks around what appears to be a cemetery, and he’s carrying a pen, which can be an allegory to how we write our own story, but we still can’t defeat death. While the character is approaching his own grave, some birds fly over him, symbolizing the freedom and eternity that awaits him in the afterlife.

Similarly, with lyrics like “I wanna spend our lives together while we have the time” and “have no fear ’cause you got me, and I got you,” the band sends a message of hope to their loved ones, informing them that they will have one another’s backs no matter what the future holds. In the video, we see a woman waiting for the main character to join her on the other side, where they can finally be together forever. In the end, he jumps into the grave, which is a great parallel to the end of the “Boilermaker” video.

Definitely, Liam Lynch hit it out of the park with the “All We Have Is Now” music video, and it’s a great companion to the already great song. You can check the video below, and remember that Royal Blood’s Typhoons is out everywhere. Happy viewing!

Featured Image: Instagram (@royalblooduk)

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