Onew and Punch Become One Star on Beautiful Single “Way”

Singer-songwriter Onew has made his long-awaited return to SM Station! The SHINee member is joined by singer Punch for the new track titled “별 하나 (Way),” a beautiful and uplifting love ballad. The release marks Onew’s first release for the SM Station project since releasing “Lullaby” featuring Roco in 2017.

“Way” tells the story of a couple who long to be reunited with each other. Throughout the track, the two realize that their love is bound by fate. “At a slightly different time / In the invisible world / One star in the same room / You and I have one name and one face.” Onew and Punch declare to each other in the chorus.

The vocal performances by Onew and Punch are nothing short of masterful. Both vocalists sing with such warmth and tenderness, heightening the heartstring-pulling lyrics of the song. They reach across all parts of their vocal ranges, commanding attention throughout the whole track. The lyrics are inspiring and poetic, reflecting the relationship between the narrators.

The track itself starts out as a beautifully simple arrangement focused on piano. As the song goes on, snapping fingers keep the beat going before strings float in to join the vocalists in the pre-chorus. Onew and Punch are joined at moments in the chorus and bridge by full harmonies. The bridge is a show-stopping moment, with Punch seemingly controlling the instruments, causing sudden breaks, a powerful move. The final chorus is triumphant, with the addition of percussion and the chorus returning to support the vocalists. It’s a transcendent moment, and truly a perfect ending for this song.

“Way” is an enchanting love song, wonderfully expressing the thoughts of two people who, despite what gets in their way, are meant to be together. The desire to be together is gracefully delivered and is full of genuineness. It’s a warm embrace, perfect for this winter season.

Featured Image: SM Town


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