Tame Impala Releases Dreamy B-Side “No Choice” That Will Be Part of The Slow Rush Deluxe Edition

Tame Impala has been making a producing content like crazy. Now, with the announcement of more tour dates, they’re giving fans another gift of a new track, “No Choice.” “No Choice” is a B-side from Tame Impala’s 2020 album The Slow Rush. In February 2022, a deluxe edition of the 2020 album will drop with quite a few B-sides and remixes. So, “No Choice” is only hyping up both new and old fans alike.

The Australian project’s new single contains introspective and sad lyrics that are layered on top of their classic psychedelic instrumentals. Kevin Parker finds a way to ask “What are we living for?” while still being soothing. The track fits well with The Slow Rush‘s theme of passing time and connection with past and present. Yes, the song is lyrically intense. Despite that, that “stuck in a situation” feeling is beautifully human and relatable.

Sonically, “No Choice” bring in a mix of sounds from the rest of The Slow Rush, but also has hints of previous Tame Impala projects. There is a lovely blend of psychedelic and synth pop sounds with some groovy guitar solos. With an absence of guitars in many of the group’s 2020 tracks, some old fans were disappointed. However, “No Choice” brings a blending of Kevin’s previous sounds into a new, fresh, and almost funkadelic vibe perfect for avid and newer listeners.

Basically, if you’re ready to vibe, turn on “No Choice” as you go throughout your day. Also, if you’re digging the new track as much as we are, you can pre-order the B-sides and Remixes version of The Slow Rush. Or, grab tickets to see Tame Impala on tour. The shows seem like they’ll be an incredibly good time. Kevin continues to bless listeners with good music and vibes to end the year and well into 2022.

Featured Image: UMG

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