Alison Wonderland Battles Internal Struggles and Emerges Into A New Era With New Song “Fear Of Dying”

Alison Wonderland has always found strength in sharing her internal thoughts and feelings. Her latest single, “Fear Of Dying” starts 2022 strong. The track about confronting the fear of death is beautifully handled. In addition to the new song, Alison fans got an accompanying music video. This video shows the Australian DJ destroying her old self to move into this new era. It’s an era of new music, as well as an era of Alison winning against her fears and demons.

“Fear Of Dying” shows Alison using distinctive elements of her past work while simultaneously showing musical growth. Through her prose, we get more introspection on this track. Fears of losing loved ones and the unknown is extremely human. Putting those anxieties into music is sure to resonate with many listeners. Additionally, the acknowledgement of those fears demonstrates a level of self awareness. With that self-awareness comes empowerment and healing.

Besides the hard hitting lyrics, we get some crisp and enchanting beats. Alison Wonderland knows how to transport listeners into her world. Her music brings you to place that is both tragic and magical. We get stories of hurt, but often overcoming that hurt to become a stronger person. Through her smooth production and electropop sounds, “Fear Of Dying” brings us into this whirlwind of anxieties. Yet, there’s comfort in the warmth of the sound and togetherness.

If it wasn’t already evident that “Fear Of Dying” is great, the music video is next level. The concept shows Alison kidnapping her former self. Quite literally, an Alison from the Awake album (purple hair & white t-shirt dress) is handcuffed with duct tape over her mouth. Current Alison drives old Alison to an abandoned building. There, she shows her former self videos from the new era before killing her. The imagery of getting rid of your old self to grow stronger and start a new chapter is genius.

Well, we are now more excited than ever for 2022 Alison Wonderland. With a new album confirmed (name of it is still TBA), it’s going to be a big year. Alison’s last studio album was released in 2018. So, longtime fans are more than ready for this new era. Surely, this will also bring more live appearances and maybe more videos. Either way, we love to see a creative women tearing up the decks.

Featured Image: Universal Music Australia

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