Avril Lavigne Releases Second Single and Love Sux Details

The queen of pop punk has given us a second taste of her upcoming album, and this time she brought a guest with her. She also divulged the details of her follow up effort to 2019’s Head Above Water.

Avril Lavigne’s new song “Love It When You Hate Me” is another track straight from the rocking core of the singer’s punk roots. It features blackbear, a new collaborator for Lavigne. The two musicians are able to bring their own flavor to the track and their voices work well together.

The song is pretty much exactly what the title states. Lavigne and blackbear describe falling for people that are bad for them and how the drama of the relationship fuels the passion. The track is guitar and drum forward, and Avril Lavigne’s unique voice really soars on the pre chorus as she sings: And I / Ignore all the warning signs /Fall for you every time.”

“Love It When You Hate Me” is a pop punk jam produced by John Feldmann, MOD SUN & Travis Barker. It’s a song that you could easily expect from Lavigne, and maybe that’s why it feels like it falls a bit flat. The lyrics fail to really dig into anything specific, and you can get the whole idea of the song from the title. It has a strong energy, but it doesn’t really grab your attention in the ways a great track from the “What the Hell” singer can.

Along with the release of the new track, the Canadian singer-songwriter released the details of her seventh studio album. The album, entitled Love Sux, will be released through Travis Barker’s DTA Records on February 25th. The tracklist has 12 songs and features other collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182.

Describing Love Sux to Entertainment Weekly, Lavigne said, “I really went back to what sounds I originally was influenced by at the beginning of my career.” She went on to say “It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s just pure rock ‘n’ roll from front to back.”

Featured Image: DTA Records

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