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Jack White Enters Heaven Alive in “Love Is Selfish” Music Video

Last Friday, Jack White released a music video for a new powerful ballad called “Love Is Selfish,” off his upcoming album Entering Heaven Alive, out on July 22. This will be the second of two albums the musician plans to put out this year.

In the music video, directed by Jack, we can see the musician wandering around an American Legion outpost in Nashville. White also performs the song on stage while there is no audience. The whole place is seemingly empty, and Jack seems to be looking for a way out, however unsuccessfully. It isn’t until the very end that a hand appears to tip the artist for his performance — a reference to unreleased track “A Tip From You to Me” —.

The end of the “Love Is Selfish” music video can be a nod to the title of the album. In popular culture, the gates of heaven are often represented by a blinding white light. At the end of the video, Jack finds a surprisingly open door with a light coming from the outside, making him enter heaven alive.

White will also release an album called Fear of the Dawn on April 8, which includes “Taking Me Back,” the single released last October. This song also connects both albums since a folkier version of the track, called “Taking Me Back (Gently),” will be in Entering Heaven Alive.

Once again, Jack White shares his talent and hard work with the world with new music. We can’t wait to listen to Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive in their entirety. In the meantime, check out the music video for “Love Is Selfish” below.

Jack White will be touring the US, Canada, and Europe from April 8 through August 29 for The Supply Chain Issues Tour 2022. Check out the dates and get your tickets on Jack’s official website.

Featured Image: Third Man Records

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