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fromis_9 Find Love With New Single “DM”

After weeks of teasers and hype, fromis_9 have finally dropped their 4th mini album Midnight Guest! Along with the album, the group also released a music video for the album’s lead single “DM.”

The track is a strong mix of modern upbeat pop, funk, and tinges of 80’s pop synths. All these elements come together to create a catchy and fun experience that will have listeners singing along in no time. Vocally, the members each get their moments to shine, and each of them owns their parts with confidence and style. The chorus is a standout moment, with members reaching into their higher registers effortlessly. Throughout the track, the girls show off not just those higher registers, but tip into those lower registers and their flow at faster lyrics. Hearing their faster deliveries gives a hint of the members’ ability to deliver rap-like performances. Another impressive moment comes from the final chorus comes from member Hayoung as she nails whistle tones, ending the track on a high note quite literally.

Lyrically, “DM” is a sweet and bold love confession. “I want to hold your hand, I want to hug you tight / I like you, my heart says I want you,” the members declare in the ending lines of the chorus. While the lyrics are pretty nuanced, it’s the performances from the members that really drive the meaning home and show their earnestness.

The accompanying music video is a fun showcase of the group as they perform amongst various setpieces. The color palette is pretty, reflecting that of a sunset, fitting into the lyrics, and kicking off the midnight countdown from the album title. Like the line distribution, each member gets a good amount of screen time and we get plenty of scenes showing the whole group performing the choreography.

“DM” is a fun release from fromis_9 that really gives the group the chance to show off their strong performance ability. With catchy tracks like this, fromis_9 is further establishing themselves as a group to watch.

Credit: Featured Image: HYBE Labels

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