TikTok Makeup Artist Abby Roberts Drops Her Debut Single “Paramaniac”

If you don’t know Abby Roberts from her music yet, you may have seen her pop up on your TikTok for you page. Roberts is well known for her incredible makeup transformation videos posted on the app, and now the 20-year-old is taking on a new venture in the world of music. The internet star recently released her debut single titled “Paramaniac” along with an accompanying music video.

When talking about the song in an Instagram post Roberts had mentioned “I’m not gonna lie the writing process was really difficult – tackling deeply personal subject matter and having that content on my mind for the best part of a year was really difficult but so gratifying to finally come to terms with my feelings and turn them into art which i’m so proud of.” 

  In the music video for “Paramaniac”, Roberts is seen exploring a room full of foam covered furniture. In the video she encounters several different versions of herself sitting at the dining table. Looking at these versions of herself she sings the lyrics “Maybe I could be a lil bit sweeter // When did I become so hard to please yeah // Must be nice for it to come so easy // I can’t complain it’s me I should change.”  

With music, Roberts is able to express her feelings deeper than she has before with her makeup artistry and is open and honest with her fans about her mental health. Its clear that music is something she truly cares about and that she isn’t just hopping on the bandwagon of TikTokers-turned-musicians. Her debut single has an alternative sound and is the kinda song you would listen to on a long drive with the windows down.


kinda nervous to share with you guys but songwriting has been really helping me cope, here’s one i wrote called ‘paramaniac’ 🙂

♬ original sound – Abby Roberts

We think that Abby Roberts is going to be an artist to keep an eye on this year, and so does Halsey! The pop star tweeted out their support for Roberts saying that they’re excited for more music from her this year. Abby did a collaboration with Halsey last year where she did the singers makeup.

We certainly cant wait to see what else Abby has in store regarding her music in 2022. We’ll definitely be listening to Halsey and keeping her on our radar this year! In the meantime you can check out Abby’s new music video for her debut single “Paramaniac” down below.

Featured Photo: Instagram (@AbbyRoberts)

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