When We Were Young Festival Is Every Emo Kid’s Fever Dream and The Internet Is Going Wild Over The Announcement

Remember those posts on Tumblr that were a collage of all your favorite emo bands’ logos with a cool background? Well, that’s what the festival lineup poster for When We Were Young Fest looks like. At first, people thought it was fake, that it was all too good to be true.

Soon after, bands started sharing the poster. My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, and Avril Lavigne are just a few of the 60+ bands and artists announced for this festival. If you grew up on emo, pop punk and everything in-between, this is the like the Warped Tour lineup you always wanted.

If an MCR reunion and Paramore’s first show in 5 years piqued your interest, we’re here to answer your burning questions. Some questions you may have and what we know so far about the festival:

Where is it and how can I go? 

The festival is taking place on October 22, 2022 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Tickets are starting at $224.99 (or $19.99 down if you do a payment plan). Prices get steeper from there if you want to go a more VIP route. Hotel packages are also available. Pre-sale starts Friday January 21.

Are we REALLY sure this is legit?

The event is being ran by Live Nation. So yes, it’s legit. The company has ran multiple festivals before, so hopefully logistics are more secure than a grassroots, first-year fest. They’re running a similar event at the same location for hip-hop and R&B nostalgia fans called Friends and Lovers Fest. And due to popular demand they added a second date, so it’s possible for WWWY Fest to get another day.

How are 60+ bands playing in only one day?

There will be 3 stages that have the capability to rotate. A revolving stage provides the ability to have bands play back to back with no lengthy set changes in between. So while a band is on stage, the next band can set up gear on the other side and be ready to go. However, with such a jam-packed schedule that will lead to smaller bands getting short set times (think 15-20 minutes).

What have fan reactions been like?

INSANE! If you’re on social media and grew up listening to any of these bands: you know your timeline is in a frenzy. Genuinely, there’s been more social buzz about this than this year’s Coachella lineup reveal. We’ve seen everything from calling it the “Emo Fyre Fest” to fans making memes out of the lineup poster. We’ll include some of the best reactions:

Lastly: What’s our take on When We Were Young Fest?

Well, it sounds both awesome and like a logistical nightmare. The lineup is truly what dreams are made of, but with the setup and in only 1 day, you’re only seeing about 1/3 of the bands if you’re lucky. For the price and lineup, it would be better suited for a 2 or 3 day event with longer sets and less conflicts. You could easily be going to the bathroom, grabbing concessions, or even walking from one stage to another and easily miss a set. Also, with all this hype, good luck getting tickets will be like the hunger games! For those who get to go, we cannot wait to see what happens! If it goes well, maybe this can become an annual, multi-day experience!


Featured Image: Live Nation

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