Mom Jeans. and Their Rushed Nostalgia in “Graduating Life”

A joyous future and nostalgic past merge in Mom Jeans.‘ new music video for “Graduating Life.”

The music video opens on clips of home movies starring Mom Jeans.’ member Sam Kless as a baby, giggling and toothless as he grasps at his toys and a note to his dad which reads, “Happy birthday Daddy! I love you! You take good care of me and mommy! Love, Sammy.”

The song itself is lullaby-esque, soft and strumming with a slower melody for something of the pop punk genre. Combined with childhood imagery and the sanguine, yet sad voice of Mom Jeans.’ singer, Eric Butler, it’s easy to picture a father singing it to his child in reflection. Or perhaps an adult version of Sam Kless wishing his childhood self would’ve taken the time to stop and smell the roses.

The strongest argument for self reflection comes in the timing of the lyrics. As the opening line, “Where did you go?” rings out the home movies dissolve into clips of Kless on stage at a Mom Jeans. show. With “Graduating Life”‘s reflective lyrics the video reads like an ode to the band’s childhood.

And the true essence of the piece lies in the last verse “The future seems so bright/But you just can’t wait to graduate life/This moment feels so nice/But you just can’t wait to graduate life” as the band basks in the the cheering crowd and glowing stage lights.

Mom Jeans. hits the nail on the head for the rushed nostalgia feeling many people have. The argument between not wanting to wish your days away and the hope for something better.

It’s a familiar sensation to the band and many frequent concert goers living for the next show. The video producers highlight this in a few framed shots of the show’s crowd. It’s a united energy front that any performer or concert goer going through a hard time can tell you; it makes you hopeful and wistful.

A great show is the past and the future all at once, until you’re forced to just be in the moment. Perhaps that’s what Mom Jeans. is getting at. Nostalgia and hope are essential to a life well lived, however we must learn to take our time in the moment. Embrace the now and stop waiting to graduate to the next thing.

Featured Image: Mom Jeans.

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