PENTAGON ‘IN:VITE U’ To Their World With New Mini Album

PENTAGON have finally made their return with their 12th mini album IN:VITE U, following 2021’s LOVE or Take. Known for their upbeat tracks and youthful concepts, the members of Pentagon are showing fans their newest chapter.

With this release, the group is focused on showing fans a more mature side to them, both musically and visually. Not only that, but the album is a diverse offering of tracks, showing the group’s adventurous nature and their songwriting skills as the members themselves were heavily involved in the songwriting process.

The album kicks off with its leading single “Feelin’ Like,” a sleek and understated track, backed by jazzy bass and synths. The track is a great showcase of the maturity the group wanted to show, bringing a high level of suaveness and confidence. The next track “One Shot” sees the group bringing in some alternative touches of drums and guitars, creating plenty of high-energy moments. Those moments are contrasted nicely in the chorus, where for a few bars, most of the instrumentals drop out, just focusing on the hypnotic vocals of the members. It’s a nice callback to the mood set in “Feelin’ Like.”

The third track “The Game,” is another massive departure from its predecessor. Opening with operatic vocals, the song combines classical and modern music into a fascinating experience. “Putting all of the money in, dollar / I set the day today / Turning the whole game upside down,” member Wooseok confidently declares in the second verse, delivering his lines laser-like precision. Following the song’s overall gambling motif, the members are letting listeners know that they aren’t to go all-in with this new direction.

“Call My Name” is a fantastic funk and disco-influenced track, dripping in style and incredibly catchy. The members’ vocals particularly stand out in this track with their power and wide ranges. The next track “Sparkling Night” is a dreamy spacious song, with 80’s synth work, giving it a lo-fi vibe. The member’s vocals are more ballad-like here, balancing with the dance beat nicely.

The album’s final track “BAD” is a much softer moment than the previous songs. Driven by a Latin-influenced guitar, the track is a great example of how well the members’ vocals meld together. Each member’s part is smoothly delivered and flows well into the next part. It’s an interesting track as it’s almost like an anti-love song, with the lyrics telling someone special to leave and find someone better. With the earnest vocals, it’s a bittersweet yet compelling closing to the album.

IN:VITE U is a diverse experience full of infectious tracks and excellent vocal deliveries. Each member of PENTAGON showcases this more grown-up side to themselves well and is showing the world that they are ready to conquer this next stage.


Featured Image: CUBE Entertainment


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