Drug Couple Puff and Pass The Good Stuff on Debut Album Stoned Weekend

The young, bright and hazy New York indie duo Drug Couple is the project of real life couple (as well as real life LSD enthusiasts) Miles and Becca Robinson. They’ve been releasing music together since the fall of 2019, and creating music through other projects and collaborations even longer. Whatever trips and expeditions Miles and Becca have taken together, they’ve bottled it up and brought it back with them in the form of their debut full length album Stoned Weekend.

The well rounded 10 track album follows a steady flow of releases since the band’s formation— including their first EPs Little Hits of 2019 and 2020’s Choose Your Own Apocalypse, and a smattering of singles in between.

The title track is a trippy psych rock introduction with a dynamic transition into the soothing harmonica melodies and bright guitar riffs that reoccur throughout the LP. The lazy mouthed vocals from Miles and Becca compliment each other in sweet and scratchy harmonies. With Blues Traveler elements that stand out at first listen is alluringly complimented by the simple romance of the late 90s and early 2000s indie rock icons like Yo La Tengo.

Miles and Becca are roused from their sleepy jam title track for a magnetic second song Missed Our Chance.” The enticing beat and scrappy rock style guitar solo keeps the song well balanced and interesting for all 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

This isn’t the first time you’ll hear the duo’s “Lemon Trees;” as it was previously released as a single in October of 2021. The song is a clear, gentle, and simple back-and-forth duet. Some may find it sleepy, but there’s enough strummy-drummy emphasis to keep patient listeners invested in where the song eventually builds to.

“Linda Tripp” has a scratchy bluesy guitar leading the parade. Becca’s lark-like singing compliments Miles’ curt front vocals throughout the fun repetitions of “Sugar, we were sisters/ Sister seventeen/ There’s too much blood/ We can’t get clean/ Sister seventeen.”

The high energy of “Linda Tripp” cools off for track 5, “Little Do I Know.” A slow jam with a wild drum reminiscent of the gentle heart-beat coos famed by Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan of the aforementioned Yo La Tengo. While a great deal of influences shine through in the youthful Drug Couple, their sound navigates a reputable range, exemplified through the flexing of the lullaby muscle on this mid-album interlude.

“Ben Bongo” is a playful melody that entertains the more country roots side of the musical spectrum. The twinkly guitar reverb takes the lead in this southern-slanted pulsing ballad. If you’re looking to go on a long drive with your sweetheart, this is a strong contender.

A similar track to “Ben Bongo” is the follow up song “Blue Water.” For this, it seems that while Drug Couple certainly enjoyed exploring all the musical avenues at their disposal on this album, they seem to have hit a sweet spot in their sound. Leaning into their chemistry as a couple and utilizing their differences as instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters is where their work comes into its own.

“Our December” is certainly a single from the album. Their most recent release prior to the new LP, rock and roll is the barycenter around which the noisy looping rhythm revolves. The lyrics “I don’t care/ I can’t remember/ I don’t care/ there’s nothing there” provides a quick and playful edge to Miles and Becca’s smoky stoned weekend.

“Wyld Chyld” is a take it or leave it restless dream. Unnerving and intriguing, Becca takes the reins on the darkest expedition on the album, howling at the moon through a slow bass line and strange yet comforting strings.

The album wraps up with a fuzzy echo of the “Stoned Weekend” title track, “Still Stoned.” At nearly six minutes, it’s the longest track on the album. An honest reflection of “Stoned Weekend” as a whole, its a slow and steady bridge between rootsy anthems and static-noise psychedelic rock.

Drug Couple are quick learners at writing, mixing, and releasing music, certainly sounding older than their two year age. They seem to be circling the drain on solidifying their signature sound, and certainly have a good time trying all the flavors along the way. Despite the occasional wandering, Drug Couple’s range is respectable. They’ve crafted an enjoyable concise 10 track listen that reads transparently—a young band with a lot of energy, chemistry, and pleasant mischief to be shared. There is clear growth and heartfelt curiosity on the romantic trip Stoned Weekend.

Featured Image: Kate Bryant

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