Thyla Debut Album

Thyla’s Debut Album Is a Pop Dream

If you’ve never listened to Thyla, you’re in for a ride! The British band released their self-titled debut album today, and we can’t believe our ears. The 11-track record is full of incredible songs, and it includes previously released singles “Gum,” “Breathe,” “Flush,” and “Rabbit Hole.”

Many songs on Thyla are about going through heartbreak — not only the romantic type — but doing it flawlessly. Although some lyrics deal with sadness, such as “I’m starting to wonder why you lie to me,” there’s also growth and resilience: “I do not comply with voices in the night.” One highlight in the album is that even when the lyrics are somber, the production makes you want to dance. For example, “Breathe” is about a relationship that didn’t go well, but its melody is an absolute pop dream.

Overall, the tracks in the album are very poppy, but they also have some alternative rock vibes that fit perfectly in each song. Lead singer Millie Duthie’s voice is lovely, and her bandmates, drummer Daniel Southwell and bassist Daniel Hole, bring even more life to the tunes. The album as a whole is well-produced, but “Echo for Ingrid” and “Dandelion” stand out for their mesmerizing arrangements, and they are two of the best songs on Thyla.

All in all, Thyla flows very smoothly, and the listening experience is genuinely pleasant. “Amber Waits” and “Rabbit Hole” are the perfect opening and closing tracks. Actually, Thyla recently released a music video for “Rabbit Hole,” which was, of course, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The beautifully-shot video pairs perfectly with the song, which the band says is “about how accruing wisdom and knowledge unveil more mystery […]. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the more crazy and unintelligible it gets.” Definitely, Thyla is a band you should keep your eye on.

You can watch the music video for “Rabbit Hole” below and remember to listen to Thyla’s debut album. You can also follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Featured Image: Easy Life Records

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