Mother Mother Showed NYC “Pure Love” at Their Irving Plaza Show

“A little extra fire over here on the east coast,” Mother Mother singer Ryan Guldemond slinks into the microphone between songs, sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy. There’s a palpable energy that fills the room regardless of what’s happening on stage; a crowd that’s simply happy to be here. It was virtually impossible not to hear some of Mother Mother’s catchy tracks on TikTok the last two years, “Hayloft,” “Burning Pile,” and “Verbatim” all having their own moments on the platform. I knew as soon as I heard them that this was a band to see, and they did not disappoint. 

Last week, I caught their sold out Irving Plaza show with DYLYN, another powerhouse Canadian artist. There’s definitely some bias in this review, since I fell in love with their dark and energized sound last year, but I know their performance wouldn’t disappoint regardless. There’s a vibe I can only compare to early twenty one pilots shows, pre-blurryface, back when “Car Radio” took over the likes of Tumblr. 

Mother Mother opened their set with “Seven,” flowing into “O My Heart” and “Let’s Fall In Love” without needing to stop for a breath. They continued well into the middle of their set, only stopping to sing the praises of the crowd. “Tonight is your party” they told us, and they definitely made sure of it. Check out the gallery from the show below and check out Mother Mother when they come to your city!

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All Images: Sarah Waxberg

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