K. Flay Brings Fans on a Journey Through Finding Music and Mental Health at Irving Plaza

K.Flay took Irving Plaza through the story of her relationship with music and mental health last week, showing all of us how important the connection really is. Powerhouses corook and G Flip got everyone’s energy up and ready for queen “Weirdo” K.Flay to take us on this trip. G Flip gave us a sneak peek of their new song, “Gay 4 Me,” which is out today! The room was hanging on every word as they taught us the chorus, and it hasn’t left my head since. 

K.Flay opened her set with her hit, “Four Letter Words,” giving the crowd an immediate release. Flowing through bangers like “Giver,” “FML” and my personal favorite, “Black Wave,” there was no chance for a dip in energy, and everyone was keeping up. She began her story by taking us through how her anxieties have negatively affected her, saying “my worry is a voice.” and turning into how she took that and created music expressing it, “The voice is telling me to run wild.” I’ve been a huge fan of K.Flay since hearing “Blood In The Cut” on Alt Nation for the first time, but after listening to her spoken-word-like vulnerable interludes at this show, she has a fan for life. Check out the shots of K.Flay’s set below and stream “Gay 4 Me” by G Flip!

All images: Sarah Waxberg 


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