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Kayleigh Goldsworthy’s “Keep the Light on” Mixes Sadness with Hope

There’s nothing like artists who celebrate their birthdays by giving something to their fans. Last Tuesday, on her birthday, Kayleigh Goldsworthy released a music video for her song “Keep the Light On.” Once again, Bob Sweeney was at the helm of the direction; he also directed Kayleigh’s “Overambitious” music video.

In the music video, we can see Goldsworthy singing the sweet ballad and playing the piano. While the video stays simple, Kayleigh’s soulful performance conveys the message of the song very well. The calming piano is a departure from the pop-rock feeling of the previous single, which shows the multidimensional nature of the artist.

On release day, Goldsworthy stated that “this song is a special one for me. A little love story for being kind to yourself and knowing when to keep your heart open and when to close the door and move on.” While some of the lyrics are tearjerkers, the song offers a glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow.

The lyrics “I didn’t know I could be erased so easily” and “thought you’d be running back to me, but I was wrong” represent the feeling of regret and sadness that a breakup brings about. Nevertheless, the line “’cause it is high time that I know better to be a better friend of me” advises the listeners to work on being kinder to themselves and not to give up when life gets rough.

Obviously, we can’t wait for Kayleigh to release a new album. Her 2013 record, Burrower, and her 2018 EP, All These Miles, are masterpieces, and we just need more of that incredible music and songwriting. In the meantime, you can stream “Keep the Light on,” as well as “Overambitious,” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out Kayleigh Goldsworthy’s official website for some awesome merch. Also, follow the musician on her Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep up with the latest news on her work. You can watch the music video for “Keep the Light On” below.

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