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Imagine Dragons Struggle with Life and Death in “Bones”

After releasing “Enemy” with J.I.D for Netflix’s Arcane: League of Legends back in October, Imagine Dragons unveiled a new single, “Bones,” last Friday. The track is the first taste of the band’s upcoming album Mercury – Act 2, a continuation of last year’s Mercury – Act 1. Imagine Dragons first teased “Bones” on their Discord server through a 46-second sneak peek.

Imagery of life and death is pervasive in “Bones.” According to a press release, frontman Dan Reynolds stated, “‘Bones’ is a reflection of my constant obsession with the finality and fragility of life […] I’m always in search of some evidence that will convince me that there is more to come; that life is truly eternal in some sense. Having yet to find that, I try to at least dream of what conquering death would feel like in a song.”

Constantly screaming “my patience is waning. Is this entertaining?” Dan appears to be frustrated by life’s hardships. His desperate pleas transmit a feeling of unease to the listeners. However, “Bones” also is a song about overcoming difficulties and not giving up. For instance, lyrics like “go ahead and throw your stones ‘cause there’s magic in my bones” are a promise of resilience to oneself. No matter what, you won’t give up whenever something terrible happens.

Seemingly, and judging by this first single, Mercury – Act 2 will be very similar to its predecessor. Imagine Dragons are going back to their earlier, heavier style, and it’s honestly what works best for them. The production of “Bones” is close to flawless, and we can’t expect less for the rest of the upcoming songs.

You can listen to “Bones” below, and make sure to follow Imagine Dragons on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date with their new releases.

Featured Image: Eric Ray Davidson / KIDinaKORNER / Interscope Records

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