Kayleigh Goldsworthy Boomerang

Kayleigh Goldsworthy Screams Her Way to Freedom in “Boomerang”

Kayleigh Goldsworthy recently unveiled her latest single, “Boomerang,” along with a Scream-inspired music video. Also, the singer-songwriter revealed that her second studio album Learning to Be Happy will be out on May 6 through Memory Music Label.

“Boomerang” is a catchy song with painful lyrics about the downfall of a relationship and its consequences. Kayleigh stated that the track “is about those people from your past that just won’t go away. You always let them in, and it always ends, and you swear you’ll never allow it again.” The musician starts and ends the song with a powerful line; “who are you to tell me that I made a fool of you?

As the song progresses, Goldsworthy describes instances in which her lover did her wrong. For example, the lyrics “the first home that I shared / when I walked down the stairs, had the feeling that I got it right / then, you came home at dawn, put your things on the lawn, and you couldn’t tell me why” reflect the negative aspects of the relationship.

Despite the negativity, Kayleigh couldn’t stop thinking about this person, especially when they told her to meet again. Lyrics like “I remember Manhattan nights where we kissed in the snow / I wanted you to know I replay it in my mind” show the vicious cycle in which someone can be after a toxic relationship.

Definitely, the message of the video is very clear. The artist stated that she “wanted it to be an [on-and-off] relationship with Ghost Face to illustrate — in an extreme manner — how funny it is that we set ourselves up to be hurt by the same person again and again because we love them.” Of course, the funny elements of the video would make Wes Craven proud. Seeing Ghost Face carrying around a boomerang — though it later becomes a knife — is hilarious.

Moreover, Kayleigh announced that her upcoming album, Learning to Be Happy, will be out on May 6. She described it as “an introspection on past relationships with myself and ones I love(d) or still hold onto. An album about finding yourself when it feels like all is lost; when the world stops, and all you have is yourself. I’m glad to say I’m now learning to be happy.”

Learning to Be Happy will consist of 10 songs, including “Boomerang” and previous singles “Overambitious” and “Keep the Light on”; you can preorder it here. Also, watch the music video for “Boomerang,” directed by Bob Sweeney, below.

Featured Image: Memory Music

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