Interview: The Wrecks Prepare For a Big Year With New Music and An Upcoming Tour

With the release of their two new singles “Lone Survivor” and “I Love This Part” and a new album and tour coming in the near future, 2022 seems like it’s going to be a big year for The Wrecks. The dynamic alt-rock band includes members Nick Anderson (vocalist/producer), Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt (guitar) and Billy Nally (drums). Just from these two singles alone, you can tell how versatile the band are with their sound.

In both songs Nick Anderson describes the feelings of independence felt following a breakup. Where “Lone Survivor” is more of a pop infused track, “I Love This Part” has an angstier rock sound. Additionally, both songs have an accompanying music video as well. In the video for “Lone Survivor” the frontman gives us a cowboy disco dance party, where the video for “I Love This Part” is darker and showcases the band doing what they do best, rocking out.

“There was a fire in me while making this record that I hadn’t felt in years,” says Nick Anderson speaking about the bands upcoming album. With two new singles out and more music releases planned for the rest of 2022, The Wrecks show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Soundigest had the opportunity to speak to vocalist Nick Anderson about these releases and the bands plans for the future. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to stream “Lone Survivor” and “I Love This Part.”

What was your experience like learning the choreography for the “Lone Survivor” music video?

I have a terrible memory and cannot dance, but I do have lots of determination! So, it was difficult, but thanks to the patience and incredible teaching abilities of my friends Sydney Sisson and Roland Cruz (who came up with dance and starred in the video as back-up dancers) I was eventually able to get it down juuuust well enough for it to look juuuust okay on camera.

How do you anticipate fans will react to “I Love This Part”?
The reaction we’ve received thus far has been beyond anything we’ve seen from a release in the past. I am really proud of this song, and have loved it since the night I wrote it, and I just knew our fanbase would feel the same. It’s a sound that is very true to The Wrecks at the core, while also certainly boundary-pushing enough to sound fresh for old and new fans alike.

What was the process like creating “I Love This Part”?
I wrote and produced this one on my own – because of this creative solitude, I played everything on this track – which took me a while because I’m just so sub-par at guitar.

What has helped you get inspired to write the songs for your upcoming album?
I began writing this record just days following a tour and a breakup. The rest of the guys scattered home for a little R&R after the west coast headline run we completed in August, and I just had so much to get off my chest that I immediately got in the studio and started processing my emotions – attempting to funnel them into new material. It wasn’t easy at first because everything was so raw. I found myself frustrated and sad, rather than inspired and creative. So I spent a few weeks alone in my house spending time with my new puppy, and allowed every intrusive thought to flood in. It was painful and debilitatingly lonely, but it was worth it. Because, eventually, those intrusive thoughts began to shape into lyrics as the Notes app on my phone accumulated paragraph after paragraph. One night, I just knew it was time, and I reentered the studio with a chip on my shoulder and an album to write.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with in the future?
I would love to work with Lizzy McAlpine in any capacity – whether that means writing a song together, producing a track of hers, or just chatting about why her music is so great. I haven’t actually made any attempt to reach out to her; I just keep dropping her name every time this question gets asked in an interview in hopes that the universe will do its thing.

What would you say your main goal is for the future of your band? 
To always write music we’re proud of, to look after each other as bandmates, and to nurture our relationship together. If we can continue to do those three things, I believe great things will continue to happen for us. Maybe it’s foolish not to be chasing the top step of the ladder, but honestly, it looks wobbly up there.

We know you recently just got done touring with The Driver Era. How was that? Do you guys have plans to go on tour again soon?
That tour was a blast. TDE’s fanbase was incredibly receptive and we saw a ton of growth on our socials throughout the run. We’re super grateful for having been able to finally make that tour happen after 2 years of postponements. As for our touring plans, we have some exciting announcements coming down the pipeline. We plan to release a healthy chunk of music in 2022, so touring is a must!

How would you describe the new era of music that’s coming from The Wrecks this year?
I’d say a bit more mature, maybe a bit angstier. But there are some softer moments as well. I think this new “era” will have something for everyone in the fanbase that we’ve accumulated over the last 5 or 6 years. It’s been a blessing to watch our listeners grow and evolve alongside us – allowing us to welcome so many new listeners as we experiment with new sounds.

If you had one message to give to your fans what would it be?
Thank you.
Featured Image: Natalie Hewitt


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