Glass Animals Release Sunny and Fun Cover Of Lorde’s “Solar Power” as A ‘Spotify Single’

There’s few things better than one of your favorite musicians covering the song of another favorite artist. Glass Animals, a band known for summertime anthems, covered the ultimate summer song. Their rendition of “Solar Power,” by New Zealand’s beloved Lorde, is everything we needed as the weather gets warmer. The British quartet put their whole heart into this cover for the Spotify Singles series. Dave, Joe, Drew, and Ed put their own personal spin on the track, which we’re sure Lorde herself will love.

The Spotify Singles has seen some great musicians step out of their comfort zone to do unique covers. For Glass Animals, the group isn’t shy about their respect for their favorite artists. With their Quarantine Covers EP, they released unique renditions of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana and “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey. Now with “Solar Power,” the band shows their capability to take their favorite songs and put their own spin on it. With the classic Glass Animals lighthearted and sunshiny beats, this cover comes alive.

Even better, we get a taste at the end that this was recorded in a single take. So the element of raw and realness in the cover makes it even better. Singer Dave Bayley’s talent is on full display as he makes the vocals his own, but still reminiscent of Lorde’s style. The band puts their whole heart into every song, including covers, and it shows.

Hopefully, this is the perfect way to kick off spring/summer. Also, it’s a great way to celebrate Glass Animals’ success with their track “Heat Waves” dominating charts, a Grammy nomination, and plenty of sold out shows. Whether it’s another cover or an original single, we cannot wait to hear what they have in store next.

Featured Image: Spotify

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