10 of Avril Lavigne’s Best Love Songs

Love is in the air for Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun; as the couple recently announced their engagement! Avril has been making music for over two decades now and within that time she has given us several incredible love songs. Whether it’s talking about why Love Sux or singing a passionate duet with her now fiancé, Avril always knows how to get you in your feelings. Check out 10 of Avril Lavigne’s best love songs to date down below:

10. Love Sux

The title track for Avril’s latest album Love Sux is more of an anti love track with her singing “Na-na-na, not another breakup // When I think of you, I just wanna throw up // Na-na-na, no, I don’t wanna get up // Lying in my bed, thinking love sucks” in the songs chorus.

9. Girlfriend

To this day this anthemic track is still perfect to blast in the car and scream the lyrics to with your girlfriends!

8.Love It When You Hate Me

This single from Love Sux features Blackbear and talks about how sometimes red flags can be invisible singing, “And I // Ignore all the warning signs // Fall for you every time.”

7.Dare To Love Me

This ballad from Avril’s latest record shows her being vulnerable about being scared to fall in love again.

6. Keep Holding On

In this song, Avril expresses to someone that no matter what they’re going through they’ll get through it together and will never be alone.

5. Love Me Insane

From her 2019 album, Head Above Water, Avril guses about love and how it can make you go insane in “Love Me Insane.”

4. Wish You Were Here

Another vulnerable track of Avril’s where she longs for her partner singing, “You’re always there, you’re everywhere // But right now, I wish you were here.”

3. Sk8er Boi

Can you believe this song is 20 years old?! Avril tells a classic love story in this song about a boy and a girl, can we make it anymore obvious?

2. I’m With You

One of Avril’s most powerful ballads about not wanting to feel alone anymore. “It’s a damn cold night // Tryin’ to figure out this life // Won’t you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new? // I don’t know who you are, but I // I’m with you.”

1. Flames

What better way to celebrate Avril and Mod Sun getting engaged than to listen to the passionate duet that started it all!

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