Chlöe’s Starting Hot Girl Summer Early With New Single “Treat Me”

Chlöe is here to tell us: it’s time to get what we deserve. With her new single, “Treat Me,” the singer from Atlanta makes listeners feel empowered. After her first solo single, “Have Mercy,” fans were ravenous for more and our queen did not disappoint. Making music for the ladies who are taking the power back, this triple threat is treating us to another impeccable song and music video. Everyone only wishes they had the command of a room the way Chlöe does when she lights up our Youtube homepage.

“Treat Me” is a reminder to all men that women don’t have time to pick up their slack. Chlöe is out here holding those who come into her life to a high standard. And it’s necessary because it’s the year of taking nothing less than what we deserve. Hopefully young women (and honestly anyone of any age) can hear this new anthem and embrace the confident. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of booty shaking. Which of course, we get with a cheeky “Miss New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx sample in the chorus.

We don’t even have to tell you that the vocals on this track are insane. Basically, Chlöe has been showing us her range for a decade. From Youtube covers to work with her sister as Chlöe x Halle, Miss Bailey has been a vocal standout. “Treat Me” shows her doing an energetic blend of R&B and pop. With smooth beats, the perfect sample, and clean mixing, this track is sure to be a banger for ages to come.

Naturally, there’s no iconic Chlöe single if there’s not a matching iconic music video. There’s a pool of honey, a dance sequence, and a real live leopard. In 2 minutes and 30 seconds, we are given an entire movie. Furthermore, the attention to detail and styling is insanely good. Chlöe saw the haters complaining about costumes and dancing from the last video. So, she flipped it on them and took it to the next level. We’re going to need twerking lessons after watching this one.

April is the start of hot girl summer now with “Treat Me” as our theme song. The girlies are kicking ass and taking names with Chlöe as our fearless leader. We are strong and we won’t settle for less when it comes to relationships. And honestly, that’s a beautiful message. Moreover, we cannot wait to see what Chlöe has in store for use next. Whether it’s a new video, album, or some live shows, we’ll be cheering her on.

Featured Image: Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia

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