Conan Gray Will Have You Longing For A Lost Love With Emotional New Track “Memories”

Conan Gray is here for the sad boys and girls (in a good way). With his new single, “Memories,” you’ll be crying in the club for your long lost love, whether they exist or not. Conan knows how to put all his emotions into a track, so you’re feeling things as he does. Through beautiful storytelling, the Youtuber-turned-songwriter captures the hearts of listeners around the world. With his upcoming sophomore album, Superache, 2022 is going to be a big year for Conan Gray.

“Memories” is a song about love lost. Just when you were finally moving on, they sneak back into your life. It’s painful and relatable. Wishing the good times and the love will stay memories so you don’t have any of the hurt back. Conan’s lyrics tug at listeners’ heartstrings with their vulnerability. Additionally, you can hear the emotion flowing as he sings. Accompanied by a gentle piano and contrasting simple, but strong choruses, the track is beautifully arranged.

Along with the single, we get the “Memories” music video which invites us into Conan’s home. We see him wearing the same sweater he’s been in for days with a messy room. As he takes in a stray dog and rummage through remnants of his lost relationship, it’s raw and real. A breakup makes you not want to move for day or weeks. And, at the end, we see the emotional singer finally starting to clean up. Hopefully, getting rid of the mess and only letting the good memories stay.

If “Memories” is an indicator, Superache will have us in a puddle of tears when it drops on June 24. Conan Gray is showing us that it’s okay to be emotional and vulnerable. “Memories” is a sign that we’re not alone in times of heartache and struggle. Here’s to a great year for a great artist. We can’t wait to see what else Conan has in store for us.

Featured Image: Universal Records

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