George Ezra Celebrates Life on “Green Green Grass”

George Ezra has dropped a new pop earworm to get you into the summer mindset this week. The new single “Green Green Grass,” fittingly released on Earth Day, is the second single from his upcoming album Gold Rush Kid.

“Green Green Grass” is a shining song encouraging the celebration of life. It’s steeped in summer spirit, and you can almost feel the crowd singing along in a festival field. The song was written with Stuart David Price and Joel Laslett Pott.

Talking about the inspiration for the track, Ezra revealed it was inspired by a trip to St. Lucia. He and his friends were drinking in a bar when they heard loud music start up outside. “After about half an hour, I had to go see what it was. And there was a street party going on, with three different sound systems, people cooking in the street. I asked a woman what was going on and she told me it was a funeral – for three people. They were celebrating three lives! I thought: that is not how we do this at home. And it’s really beautiful,” he explained in a press release.

The song captures this idea in its refrain – “Green, green grass / Blue, blue sky / You better throw a party on the day that I die.” The verse describes a burgeoning summer romance soaking up all the fun and frivolity of the season. George Ezra sings over a bass forward track as various synths horns and electric guitars create a light and bubbly atmosphere with song gang vocals thrown in for an extra boost of energy. It’s a pure pop track with a hint of EDM sensibility, and the earworm is difficult to resist.

The song will be the second track on his upcoming album Gold Rush Kid which is due out June 10 via Columbia Records.

Featured Image: Adam Scarborough

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