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Bad Bunny Breaks Spotify Records With New Album Un Verano Sin Ti

Bad Bunny’s new record Un Verano Sin Ti has made quite the impression on the streaming world. On its first day (May 6), Spotify announced that Bad Bunny broke two of their records. As it stands, Un Verano Sin Ti is the most streamed album of 2022 so far.

This proves to be a massive milestone as the Latin artist’s record-breaking 183 million streams in one day was previously held by Drake who clocked 176.8 million streams. On Friday, all 23 songs on the star’s new LP ranked in the top 30 of Spotify’s Daily Top Songs Global chart, with nine of those tracks immediately being placed in the chart’s top 10.

The massive success isn’t too surprising as the Puerto Rican rapper has been on the rise for a while with cinematic music videos, a themed Airbnb, and smooth genre-blending as he has been part of the movement that’s bringing Reggaeton back to mainstream music. Last year, alone, Bad Bunny received the most streams on Spotify out of every other artist in the world. According to Spotify data, he was streamed over 9.1 billion times globally this year. This feels even more impressive when one thinks about how the star didn’t even release an album in 2021. To put it into perspective, streaming goliath artists such as Taylor Swift (at No. 2), BTS (at No. 3), and Drake (at No. 4) all follow behind his lead.

Snowballing onto this momentum, Sony announced that Bad Bunny would star in a new Spider-Man spinoff titled El Muerto. Set to be released in theaters on January 12, 2024, this role solidifies Bad Bunny’s star status and pins him as the first live-action Latino lead that Marvel’s ever had.

Going into Un Verano Sin Ti’s first week. Bad Bunny and the new album are still dominating Spotify charts and breaking streaming records. It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers will climb by the end of the week. You can stream the album yourself, on your favorite streaming platform now.
Featured Image: Universal Music Latin Entertainment

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