Interview: Hoodie Allen Talks New Era of Music, New Single and Future Touring

Hoodie Allen is finally back with new music after not releasing anything for almost 3 years! Hoodie Allen’s new single “Wouldn’t That Be Nice” has him switching things up from his usual playful raps and diving into more of a pop-rock sound. While the news of Hoodie’s upcoming alternative pop-rock emergence may come as a surprise to some, it’s not too unexpected considering he’s toured with people like Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots in the past and even collaborated with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182.

The first single off of Hoodie Allen’s upcoming album is fueled by emotions that come along with heartbreak. Co-Written and produced with The Wrecks’ Nick Anderson, “Wouldn’t That Be Nice” is an anthemic track with a slow burn starting off soft before breaking into a powerful punk infused melody. Hoodie describes this song as the perfect teaser of what’s to come saying “Wouldn’t That Be Nice felt like the first single because this is the first time I’m really giving people a storytelling album and it felt like there couldn’t be anywhere to start except the beginning of the end. It’s about the feeling of still holding on even though there’s so much wrong that has transpired. I want to open people up to this world I’ve created and I think Wouldn’t That Be Nice showcases all the highs and lows and the range of dynamics. Therefore, it is the perfect appetizer for what’s to come.”

In addition to the release of his new single Hoodie Allen has also dropped an insane accompanying music video! Soundigest recently had the chance to chat with Hoodie Allen about this release, his upcoming album, and the possibility of a tour in the future! Check out the video and interview down below and also be sure to stream “Wouldn’t That Be Nice” out everywhere now.

What was the process like writing “Wouldn’t That Be Nice”?

“Wouldn’t That Be Nice” was one of the first songs I wrote for this new album which is fitting because it’s also the first track in the tracklisting. I was very fresh in my feelings amidst the end of this relationship that the album topically features so it was a very emotional process writing it. I’ve never really done a song like this before where there is a screaming section and sonically and lyrically it’s a lot more open and vulnerable than what I think people are used to from me.

How do you anticipate fans will react to “Wouldn’t That Be Nice”?

You know, I’m pretty excited to find that out. So far from the people who have heard the teaser in advance, there’s been a lot of positivity but this was the first album where I really made it truly for myself without thinking about what fans may expect and weirdly I think that’s going to lead to the best reaction.

Can you tell us more about this new era of music coming from you?

Yeah absolutely – well this is a break up album haha. I’m living a lot more in the alternative and indie world than the typical poppy hip hop. It’s just what naturally came out when we started writing songs. It’s the most honest collection of songs I’ve ever made because every word is ripped from my real life. And I’m really proud to be able to share something that is so personal. 

What has helped you get inspired to write your upcoming album? 

Getting my heart stomped on! And then continuing to let it get squished on the sidewalk while chasing after it.

Is there anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to work with so many artists and bands. Some that come to mind immediately – Neck Deep, Chase Atlantic and Charlotte Sands.

How would you say “Wouldn’t That Be Nice” differs from past singles you’ve released?

I’d say it doesn’t fit in the typical mold of a single – it starts slow, it has a lot of dynamics but it’s not afraid to sit in the raw moments. It’s definitely more of a risk for me but I made this album to grow as a person so you can’t grow as an artist as well without taking these risks.

How does it feel to be releasing music after not doing so for almost 3 years now?

Surreal. Nerve-racking. All the best and scariest feelings come when you’re a few days from releasing new music for the first time. I’m just trying to be present to really enjoy the moment this time.

What was it like filming the music video for “Wouldn’t That Be Nice”?

It was awesome – I felt so supported by Erik Rojas who directed the video and his wonderful team. We truly collaborated and brought my vision to life which is something you dream of as an artist working with someone for the first time.

Since you’re putting out new music we expect some live shows in the future, are you excited to get back on stage again?

Absolutely – as the world opens up this has been the thing I’ve missed the most. Getting to perform and meet the people who make this possible has always been and continues to be the greatest gift of this job so I can’t wait to perform new and old songs again on stage

If you had one message to give to your fans what would it be?

I’d say I hope these songs help you when you need them in the same way they helped me. And thank you for your patience and trust.

Featured Image: Hoodie Allen

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