Kang Daniel Upside Down

Kang Daniel Takes Control Of An “Upside Down’ World With New Single

With all of the accomplishments that singer Kang Daniel has made in his young career so far, it’s surprising that the singer is just now releasing his first full-length album, titled The Story. Fittingly, the album gives insight into Kang’s journey so far, and its lead single “Upside Down” shows him taking control over his career and future.

“Upside Down” is a laid-back, R&B track that shows off a more uplifting side of Kang. Backed by bright synths and metallic clanging, the track stays mellow in the verses before bursting with energy in the chorus. The powerful explosion of the synths in the chorus offers a fantastic break from the chill vibes of the rest of the song and upon first listen takes listeners by surprise. The bridge features heavy bass and a guitar riff bouncing off each other, adding yet another layer of clean and suave production to the track. Even with the heavier touches in the chorus, it doesn’t overwhelm Daniel’s vocals, which elements like that definitely run the risk of doing. Like the lyrics, the track is a great balance of melancholy and euphoria.

Lyrically, Kang Daniel explores the struggle of feeling like everything you do is wrong and that you keep making mistakes. “It’s not by chance, I can’t get anything right / Wanna know the reason, I don’t know,” Kang sings in frustration. In its more triumphant and positive moments, he sings of taking back control of this “upside-down” and thus taking control of his world. Kang’s performance in the song showcases his skill in multiple ranges, from the more mid-tones of the verses to the excellent high note adlibs in the final chorus. His delivery matches the ebb and flow of the track perfectly.

The lyrics are definitely personal, as the journey described in the song reflects Kang’s own journey with managing his own career. After leaving his previous management company, Kang has gone on to found his own company KONNECT Entertainment and manage his own career through them. Navigating the industry can be and is a daunting task for any artist, and with his company, Kang is in the driver’s seat, able to release what he wants, and as with songs like “Upside Down,” tell his story completely.

“Upside Down” is a great lead single that while differs from the darker vibes Kang has given in previous singles, still represents his talents as a songwriter and performer well. It’s an inspiring track that not only relates to what a lot of people go through but also gives them hope and encouragement to take their own “upside-down” and make it right.

Featured Image: KONNECT Entertainment


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