Neck Deep Captures Our Frustration With The World In 2022 With Their New Song “STFU”

There’s nothing more therapeutic to musicians than putting their frustrations into a song. In 2015, Neck Deep showed us that there can be positivity in pop-punk with their Life’s Not Out To Get You album. Now, even the UK band is getting fed up with how things have been going in 2022. With a new song, “STFU,” Neck Deep returns to form, blending old and new sounds. Nevertheless, they’re still rocking out. While this is their first single in 2 years and first time without longtime drummer Dani Washington, the band proves that they can continue to stay strong in the scene. Even if coming back involves getting a bit riled up.

“STFU” is upbeat and topical. While addressing everything from the painful political climate to how everyone seems to be toxically online too much; this single hits close to home. Sometimes we just want it all to be quiet. The noise and the drama is too much. The lyrics are a blend of serious and comical, which suit’s Neck Deep’s style perfectly.  Plus, singer Ben Barlow‘s emphasis on the many metaphors and word plays is a great added touch.

Sonically, the band has evolved since their humble beginnings in 2012. “STFU” sees the band returning to form a bit as it fits more into the classic pop-punk mold. However, there is a clear progression and added production value influenced by the band’s last album, All Distortions are Intentional. With strong riffs from Sam Bowden, Matt West, and Seb Barlow, the track has the energy to get every listener on their feet. The sound is dynamic and truly Neck Deep’s.

Whether you’re ready to mosh at a show or drive with your radio cranked up, “STFU” is the track for you. Neck Deep made a triumphant return and we’re happy to have them back. Hopefully, you can catch them at Sad Summer Fest or another show near you. They will definitely be bringing the good tunes and vibes. And if “STFU” is any indicator, this next album may be their best work yet.

Featured Image: Neck Deep

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