Seahaven’s New Single Speaks To What Many Are Feeling: Lost

On May 20th, Seahaven released a new single called Apartment/Lost. These two songs give the impression of leaning into a profound sadness, a focused view on their usual melancholic tone. For fans old and new, this single speaks to the stage of life where many listeners find themselves in 2022: in an empty apartment or simply lost.

Vocalist Kyle Soto has a way with lyrics that hits you right where it hurts. In “Apartment,” he sings, “In a small apartment I am getting older / It feels like falling and not in the way that I want.” Compounded by the depressing past few years we have all collectively faced, Seahaven strikes a chord about growing up and growing older. The passing days are long, but the months and years go by much faster. Lives change, and it isn’t until years have gone by that we begin to notice. What does this mean for love?

For some, growing apart is a natural part of life that really begins to take shape when you live through your 20s. First loves and old friends are merging lives with new people, getting married, and having kids. It’s a unique experience now, with social media, to be aware of what your first girlfriend from fifteen years ago is doing. This awareness can push people to look back at the years that have passed and question if things could have been different.

This single touches on the experience of watching someone you still love or care for move on and marry someone else, feeling lost, and regretting decisions. The melodic indie tones Seahaven brings alongside their crushing lyrics in “Lost” would have any listener re-evaluating their relationships; “What would you do if we met again? / Would you choose to just be friends?”  This single is a beautiful eulogy to lost love, being alone, and coming to terms with both. Soto has certainly stayed true to his foundation in numbingly beautiful, relatable lyrics in this successful new single.

Featured Image: Pure Noise Records

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