Crash the Calm Completes First Weekender Since Releasing Their New LP

Crash the Calm, a post-hardcore band from Long Island, NY, returned home Sunday from their first weekender since releasing their second LP, “A Town Named Nowhere,” in May. This weekend tour consisted of shows in Oneonta, Philly, and Amityville, where I caught their headlining set Sunday night.

This homecoming show at Amityville Music Hall celebrated a successful first tour playing new songs and selling their first pressing of “A Town Named Nowhere” on vinyl. I talked with bassist Dave Van Nostrand, who shared how encouraging it was to see people coming out to their shows, showing their support and love, having good conversations, and enjoying the music. He explained that these shows were hard-hitting, playing a mix of songs to new crowds, ultimately giving the band a fresh sound that they were eager to show everyone.  

Many familiar faces filled the room Sunday night. It is a smaller venue maxing out at 85 people, lending to a huge sound and intimate vibe with the crowd. Dave shared that the coolest part about this venue is playing on the stage where he grew up watching his idols perform. Nostalgia plays an essential role in the bands’ performance and their music. Reflecting on the past and what is yet to come is a consistent theme, inspiring their sound and creative vision.

I watched their set from the front row, experiencing their high-energy and newly developed sound for myself. Frontman, Brian Dowling, made his way through the songs with gritty, emotional vocals, screams of passion and loss, expressing the overall message of the band’s new album: We all come from nothing and nowhere. The last song they played was “Past & Present,” with the lyrics “We all, we all come from nothing and nowhere/ Wasting our time, just a means to an end,” reminding anyone listening to do the things that matter to you whenever you can. 

Much of what happens in life is beyond our control, making it even more important to spend your free time doing what you love. Whether going to a local show or simply hanging with friends, being present is the only way to combat our collective wasted time (like sitting at work or in traffic). As Dave says, there is nothing better than traveling with your best friends, doing something you all love and care about: Playing music.

Featured Image: Stephanie Augello

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  1. I love hearing about local bands!! Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to check them out 🙂

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