Two Door Cinema Club Returns With Cheery Single “Wonderful Life” and Album Announcement

Two Door Cinema Club has had us dancing since 2010 and now their back with much-needed positivity. “Wonderful Life,” the Irish band’s new single, is full of good vibes. Plus, the song is accompanied by the announcement a fifth studio album, Keep On Smiling. The album will be out on September 2nd and supported with European and US tours. Two Door Cinema Club hasn’t released an album since 2019 and we are glad they’ve returned with their infectious energy.

Even with the past few years of struggle, the indie pop band has chosen to focus on happiness. Now, this trio is here to remind us that is is indeed a “Wonderful Life” we have. It’s nice to remember we’re all human. That’s conveyed with lyrics like, “We all get it wrong, So don’t stay mad for long.” Two Door Cinema Club tells us we can breathe in the positivity and don’t need to sweat our mistakes. With catchy synths and words of wisdom, “Wonderful Life” is a song that could get anyone in a good mood.

Musically, “Wonderful Life” is upbeat and simple, yet powerful. Some of the poppy, staccato instrumentals are reminiscent of the band’s early work. However, there is a refined element to the track that really demonstrate Two Door Cinema Club’s growth as musicians. As their last two releases leaned a bit more into the alternative territory as opposed to their indie beginnings, this may be somewhat of a return to form. Either way, Two Door Cinema Club is showing us that they’re still icons when it comes to creating lively and creative music.

So, if you’re ready to Keep On Smiling and take back your wonderful life, run don’t walk over to your favorite music listening device. “Wonderful Life” is surely the first of many happy surprises from Two Door Cinema Club this year. It’s inspiring how this band always seems to find light on dark days. And we can’t wait for more songs that make us happy to be here!

Featured Image: Glassnote Entertainment Group

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