Bastille Brought Us on a Trip Through The Mind at Terminal 5

When you think of the band Bastille, you’ll probably go to “Pompeii,” maybe some 2010s nostalgia, and for sure radio bangers. I had the pleasure of catching the band on their latest tour at their NYC stop, and I can confidently tell you they’re so much more. 

Upon getting to the show, the energy was palpable. It reminded me a lot of Twenty One Pilots culture, fans were incredibly dedicated and beyond happy to be there, even on a Tuesday night. I immediately felt like I was experiencing something much greater than I anticipated when I saw this come through. It was very clear to me that I was walking into a strong fanbase and that there was a lot more to Bastille than what I grew up with, I just didn’t get the memo – yet. In my post-show research I stumbled upon their Reddit community, following a post from a user that said “I’m a new Bastille fan, tell me everything” and that they did. There’s a consistent kindness in each reply, without any competition, and it read exactly how the room did at the show. Having been to a lot of shows there’s a few different avenues positive-cult-like audiences go: there’s fans who support artists, there’s fans who support each other, and there’s something rare and special where those cross over. Bastille has that kind of audience and the band’s energy that night told me they know it. 

The stage was set up with a large lounger in the middle, which I assumed hinted at a therapy couch, but instead became a sci-fi-testing-meet-me-in-Montauk-psuedo-Eternal-Sunshine theme for the evening. Between each song, a Siri-like voice accessed different parts of the mind, and brought us through a journey of new and old material. The attention to detail and theming throughout the set brought every moment to a stadium level of production in Terminal 5. 

As large and anthemic as every moment felt, it was also an incredibly intimate show. Couples were dancing through songs in their own little worlds, and friends in matching shirts were chatting about how many shows they’ve been to and how excited they were. It felt like Bastille was here just for them, with as much love and support the fans were providing to them in return. I’ll definitely be looking to go the next time they come through the area!

Check out some photos from the show below:

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