The Lumineers Made Our Indie-Folk Dreams Come To Life At Forest Hills

The Lumineers have always been a bucket list band for me. My love for them dates all the way back to the days of edits of boho couples standing in the dessert with “Ho Hey” lyrics surrounding them on Tumblr in 2012, and they did not disappoint! Caamp kicked off the show, they have a new album out now called Lavender Days that’s made for warm summer nights around a fire. They got everyone in the mood to stomp-clap all night long, checking off every indie-folky box there was. 

The Lumineers came to the stage hot, kicking their set off with super-hits like “BRIGHTSIDE,” “Cleopatra,” and “Ho Hey” in the first 3. Their stage setup was magical, featuring an extended runway that surprised the crowd on the floor, each member joining the space one by one. They had the entire stadium in the palm of their hand. Behind the runway, was beautiful drapery, surrounding what I can only describe as a digital cameo ring face, showing peaceful and natural video graphics. The band kept everyone’s energies up throughout the set, mixing newer songs from their latest album BRIGHTSIDE with earlier classics going all the way back to their self-titled. Their sound was crystal clear, and although it was the end of the tour, their energy never dipped. 

They made the stadium jump from the vibe of a friend’s backyard, watching peers jam out to an evening at the Grand Ole Opry, and for that alone I’d see them again. Check out some photos from The Lumineers’ set below and check out Lavender Days from Caamp, out now! 

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