Nothing More Releases Fiery New Single “Spirits” Alongside Spirits Studio Album Announcement

Nothing More puts every ounce of energy they have into what they create. Evidently, their latest single, “Spirits,” is no different. Filled to the brim with excellent production, intense percussion, and powerful vocals, “Spirits” is everything we want in a heavy rock song. Plus, they a Spirits album to go with this title track. According to the tracklisting, “Spirits” will be the album closer. It’s a bold choice for a single, but a great one as it encompasses the sound of a new era for Nothing More.

“Spirits” starts soft and goes immediately into the band’s signature heavy guitar and percussion combo. Lyrically, early verses such as It’s a little bit heavenly/A little bit sick encapsulates the mood of the track. The song speaks on the opposing factors of the title referring to holy mythic spirits and unholy alcohol spirits. Both the content and musical dynamics are opposing forces. Jonny Hawkins is a strong lyricist and has again managed to capture the human experience in a song. Although it’s dark, the feeling of not feeling like yourself is innately real.

Sonically, “Spirits” shows Nothing More’s insane talent for satisfying production, heavy choruses, and thoughtful bridges. The track goes through multiple phases from soft to screamo and everything in-between. However, the band manages to keep listeners captive as each dynamic change has been carefully planned. Nothing More always manages to put everything they have into their longer, closing tracks. They have mastered the art of story telling through song. For those looking for a 5 minute track full of emotions and fire, “Spirits” is the song for you.

Long-time listeners will notice “Spirits” shows growth, yet it pays homage to past Nothing More albums. The heavier ending is reminiscent of their The Few Not Fleeting album. Then, their lyrics and music arrangements are crisper and closer to their last album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves. So whether you are an old or new fan,  Nothing More has something for everyone. Therefore, October can’t come soon enough. We are ready to rock  out to the Spirits album at home and on tour. And maybe, the band will get some more Grammy nominations!

Featured Image: Better Noise Music

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