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SEVENTEEN Invite Us Into Their “_WORLD” With New Single

SEVENTEEN are back with a new banger! The boy group has just released their fourth repackaged album SECTOR 17 which includes the lead single “_WORLD.” The track was written by members Woozi, BUMZU, Vernon, and S. Coups.

SEVENTEEN are a group that has shown time and time again that they are consistent in bringing high energy and good vibes, and “_WORLD” is no exception. The track is a fantastic blend of dreamy pop, RnB and funk, all coming together to create an instant earworm. With funky bass and synths present the whole track, it’s a track that instantly makes you start moving along before you even realize it. In the bridge and final chorus, the addition of trumpets is an excellent touch, giving even more funk and groove.

Vocally, the members are in top form, delivering lines suavely and effortlessly, accenting their lines with different vocal techniques. The ebb and flow delivery in the chorus is a particularly great moment, that makes it so catchy. The track is full of mixes of falsettos, soaring vocals, and full, confident tones. There is a lot going on, but it all comes together so nicely that you find yourself noticing new things with each listen.

Lyrically, the track is a sweet and fun journey about meeting someone new and wanting them to be part of your life. “Like a deja vu of heaven / Meet up, let’s start your interview / I can give you everything you want / Down to your darkest sides / Come, come into my world,” the members sing in the chorus. The lyrics are simple and effective, getting the message across clearly all while making it a perfect song for singing along to.

With “_WORLD,” SEVENTEEN is adding another strong song to their ever-growing catalog of already impressive work. It’s a fantastic track, full of energy and layers without being overwhelming. If they haven’t convinced you already, then this is the song that will bring you into SEVENTEEN’s world.


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