LA Garage Rock Supergroup Reckling Unleashes All Their Feelings On New Single “Verbalize”

There’s nothing more exciting than when your favorite musicians get together to make some killer tunes. That’s why Reckling is here to bring some classic garage rock to your speakers. Together, Max Kuehn (FIDLAR), Joey Mullen (Paramore/HalfNoise) and Erik Jimenez (Together Pangea), lead by songwriter and vocalist Kelsey Reckling, are one hell of a supergroup. The Los Angeles band just released their latest single, “Verbalize” which is an outpouring of emotions and guitar riffs. “Verbalize” is part of an upcoming EP Human Nature dropping August 8th. If the single is any indicator, this EP is going to rock.

When discussing “Verbalize,” Kelsey said that it “was written in real time during the actual moment, in the middle of all the feelings — and was written as a way of sorting through things.” It’s a unique writing style and is conveyed through the emotion in Kelsey’s vocals. The track about trying to share your side of things even when it’s not easy is harrowing yet relatable. The earnestness of the song will surely connect to listeners.

In addition to Kelsey’s vocals that were made for the garage rock realness, we get incredible instrumentals on the track. Max, Joey, and Erik bring a raw, but harmonious sound to the band. “Verbalize” has some catchy riffs and also some fun reverb mixed in. Plus, there’s an amazing minute long instrumental outro that really demonstrates Reckling’s talents. The steady beat of the drums mixed with scuzzy guitar and bass parts is oddly satisfying.

For anyone that loves garage rock, therapeutic music, or a good riff, “Verablize” is perfect for you. It is fun seeing some talented musicians working together on such a cool project. We can’t wait to hear more from Reckling in the future. Until the Human Nature EP is released, check out their other single “In My Hair” for more high-energy rock. Also, you can check out the band live this summer if you’re on the west coast!

Featured Image: Wink and Spit Records


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