Stray Kids Time Out Single

Stray Kids Celebrate STAY’s Birthday With New Surprise Single “Time Out”

Happy birthday STAY! This past week, Stray Kids have been busy celebrating their fandom’s anniversary with behind-the-scenes videos, live streams, and more, and have wrapped the festivities up with a bang. In honor of the day the group announced the fandom’s official name back in 2018, the group has dropped their new “mixtape” single, “Time Out.” The single follows their previously released “mixtape” single “Oh” released last June.

“Time Out” doesn’t waste any time getting into the fun, summer vibes. The track is a bright, pop-punk anthem. It’s an instant wave of nostalgia for early-to-mid 2000s pop-punk with a quick moment of Stray Kids hip-hop influence to make the track their own. The track is a straightforward endeavor, sticking to the basics of what makes a catchy pop-punk track, fervent guitar, steady drums, and bright tones. It’s an effective formula that instantly grabs and holds on tightly to listeners’ attention.

Listening to the track, you can’t help but get a big smile on your face as you catch yourself dancing along. You can feel the energy and carefree nature of the group members as they recorded the song. Their energy is in top form, and we even get the treat of hearing some singing from the group’s rap line.

The song celebrates leaving all the stresses of life behind and running towards a bright future full of fun and adventure. “Let’s go, leave everything behind / Wherever it may be, somewhere far from here run to,” the members sing with infectious enthusiasm. Like its influence, the song is a perfect one for listeners to scream or sing along to, letting go of any worries.

“Time Out” is a fantastic way to celebrate not just the summer season, but all the fans who have supported the group not just from the beginning, but also the ones who have joined the journey along the way.

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment

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