The 1975 Brings Back Their Groovy Dance Pop Sound On Their New Single “Happiness”

The 1975 has changed their sound throughout the years, but they always know how to make a killer dance track. “Happiness,” the second single from the upcoming Being Funny In A Foreign Language, shows The 1975 paying homage to their dance pop roots. The British group also expresses their 80s inspirations with a combination of synths, saxophone solos, and retro visuals. “Happiness” is vastly different from their last single, “Part of The Band,” yet both sound distinctly like The 1975. Plus, with a recent tour announcement and another music video, this is going to be a big year for the band.

The single “Happiness” is about trying to grab the attention of a love interest. It’s a unique mix of desperate, sweet, dramatic, and wholesome. Matty Healy always has a way with words including his usual tongue in cheek humor. Although the lyrics are a tad repetitive, it’s fitting for the dance track. And in a few verses, they manage to capture the irony found in happiness and falling in love.

As previously mentioned, “Happiness” is absolutely a pop dance single. It contains elements of songs from their previous eras including “Girls” and “She’s American.” Plus, the track was partially produced by Jack Antonoff who’s been known to create an 80s inspired bop or two. The staccato guitar and steady rhythm section keeps the track upbeat and engaging. And even better, there’s a classic saxophone solo that really adds to the vibe the 1975 has created.

Besides, it isn’t a The 1975 single without a charming music video to accompany it. The “Happiness” video shows Healy singing in different rooms of a swanky 80s mansion or hotel. The rest of the band joins him throughout different scenes with a cast of colorful characters. From fancy party goers, to elderly gentlemen trying to relax, and even a horse in the middle of the room, it’s quite a scene. The band is clearly having fun with their moves and vintage props. And as a bonus, there’s also a confetti canon at the end!

Basically, “Happiness” is quintessential listening for any The 1975 fan or just for anyone who wants to be in a good mood. It’s lovely seeing the British quartet taking inspiration from their previously revered tracks while adding new elements showing growth on this new single. Additionally, the band continued the fun by announcing a huge U.S. tour. This will be the band’s first tour in over 2 years! We can’t wait to hear these tracks live and are looking forward to catching the rest of Being Funny In A Foreign Language dropping October 14th.

Featured Image: Dirty Hit

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