Joe P Releases His Highly Anticipated and Captivating Single “All Day I Dream About”

If you recognize Joe P as the man with a guitar singing in his backyard on Tik Tok, well, he finally announced the song he’s been teasing for a while. “All Day I Dream About” is a bittersweet indie track about a girl in Adidases. Joe brings the story to life through vivid lyrics and a steady acoustic guitar through-line. Plus, with a funny yet dramatic music video, “All Day I Dream About” is a work of art. If this is only the beginning, Joe P is headed for indie pop greatness.

“All Day I Dream About” was actually originally named “Adidases,” but had to be changed for legal reasons. Despite this, the lyrics are still clever and cute. The track opens with the lines, “She feels exactly like the weather in December in New Jersey. She paints her nails a different color so her mother doesn’t worry.” And you immediately get a fun and funky vibe. Then, the chorus hits us with “she said, This year I think I’m gonna be a ghost on Halloween. Cut holes so I can see.” Joe’s attention to details when writing brings listeners directly into the story. The vivid imagery of being in your 20s and a bit reckless and in love is beautiful. If you’re not singing along to the chorus on your second listen, you’re missing out.

Musically, “All Day I Dream About” starts with just an acoustic guitar, which is the New Jersey musician’s forte. Then, the rest of the instruments kick in during the second verse with a rush of energy. It’s electric and extremely catchy. Joe P creates his songs in his basement. However, the music and production quality is amazing. The instrumentation accentuates the emotion in Joe’s vocals to make an incredible piece to art.

Also, as if “All Day I Dream About” wasn’t already great, the accompanying music video is even better. We get to see Joe playing an actor going from playing a guitar on set to being in all these crazy movies. From horror movies, to cereal commercials, and a Miami Vice parody, Joe P does it all. The visuals are creative and only enhance an already captivating track.

Hopefully, this single will become part of a future amazing album. Joe P released an EP, Emily Can’t Sing last year which included a feature with another pop icon, Mothica. Now, “All Day I Dream About” is great one its own, but will also fit well into an album. Joe’s mix of great visuals and unique lyrics set him apart from other artists. We can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us for the rest of the year!

Featured Image: Atlantic Records, Neon Gold Records

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