The Boyz Whisper Single

The Boyz Don’t Need To “Whisper” With Their New Lead Single

The Boyz are back in town! The group has just dropped their seventh mini-album BE AWARE and is leading the release with the dreamy and poppy single, “Whisper.”

“Whisper” is an interesting track, to say the least. On the production side, the track is led largely by bubble pops that give the track some childlike whimsy, but also throws in mixes of chime-like rings, and synths. It’s almost like it’s trying to go for a bubblegum pop version of hip-hop. The track doesn’t know what it wants to be, so it mixes together a bunch of concepts and genres hoping to hit the bullseye, but just misses it.

In the pre-chorus, there is an attempt at changing tempos with jutting and mismatching harmonies. It could have been a very interesting and engaging part, but instead, it’s just jarring and takes you out of the song.

Vocally, the members follow the name of the song and deliver their lines in swaggering sing-talk. It’s a nice switch up from other songs by the group and each members’ vocals layer very nicely on top of each other in the chorus. OVerall, their delivery is great and consistent, but it’s placed on top of a track that is in flux, throwing a lot of balance off.The lyrics describe the common topic of an enticing and exciting new love. Like that common theme, the lyrics are simple, nothing that metaphorical and imagery-dense, which honestly would have been a welcome addition to keep listeners’ attention.

“Whisper” is an amalgamation of different sounds and influences, that unfortunately just don’t hit the mark. It’s by no means an unlistenable-to song, but it’s not unique enough to stand out when new releases are being dropped constantly. Like the title, the song showed up with not a bang, but a whisper.

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