TXT Free Falling Single

TXT Are “Free Fallin”‘ With New Single For Original Webtoon

After launching their very own webtoon back in January, TXT (Tomorrow X Together) have released an original song for its accompanying soundtrack. The song, titled “Free Falling,” is the main theme for The Star Seekers, a fantasy webtoon inspired by the group.

“Free Falling” shows once again how TXT can take tried and true formulas, and make them their own. The track starts out as a simple and ethereal piano-led ballad before the members join in. Touches of dreamy synths and muffled beats build the track up before it bursts into an intense EDM arrangement in the chorus. It’s a nice twist on a more traditional pop ballad, adding more points of interest and keeping the energy high, just as TXT do in many of their other tracks. In the bridge, the song goes for a brighter piano run, taking the track to even higher points before jumping back into the EDM. The song could have very easily gone the more expected route of a dramatic piano ballad or even added some strings, but then it wouldn’t have that whimsical pop touch that TXT is known for.

Lyrically, the song focuses on the main themes of the webtoon. The Star Seekers follows Star One, a boy group that has fallen out of favor with fans who have suddenly gained magical powers. With their new abilities, the group is now tasked with saving the world from evil forces. The song reflects the defeat the members of Star One felt as the world turned their back on them, but with a new goal, they realize what they are capable of and that they can overcome anything together. The TXT members showcase once again their vocal prowess, opting for more airy tones while still maintaining a strong sense of earnestness. As the story of Star One reflects parts of TXT’s own debut into the K-Pop industry, dealing with immense pressure and expectations, it’s no surprise that the members give their all to this performance.

“Free Falling” not only serves as a great theme to the world of The Star Seekers and its protagonists but also to the core of what TXT is about; a group who perseveres and believes in the power of togetherness.

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