The 1975 Releases Their Earnest and Soothing New Single “All I Need To Hear”

The 1975 has a wide range of sounds from dance pop to instrumentals. Now, they have released the latest single, “All I Need To Hear” from their upcoming album Being Funny In A Foreign Language. “All I Need to Hear” is a jazzy love song that’s got all fans smiling. It’s sincere and stripped back, but is quintessential The 1975. Matty Healy‘s crooning vocals blended with lyrics of an earnest love have us even more excited for the new album and upcoming tour.

Lyrically, The 1975 always makes us think. Sometimes that thinking is in terms of metaphors. However, on a track like “All I Need To Hear” it has listeners thinking about someone they love. The single just simply evokes a heartwarming feeling. Lines such as, Just tell me you love me, that’s all that I need to hear. I’ve been told so many times before, But hearing it from you means much more, will immediately have you calling up someone special in your life. The honestly and simplicity of the lyrics are perfect story telling and hopefully weave into the narrative of the upcoming album.

As for instrumentation, the song takes a bit of inspiration from artists such as John Mayer who have perfected the slow jazz love ballad. Nevertheless, it still sounds like a The 1975 track reminiscent of some of their older work. It’s a blend of new and old sounds that showcases the band’s wide variety of styles as well as Matty’s strong vocal abilities. Having a more stripped down sound allows for the lyrics to shine through while still illustrating the band’s musical growth.

Overall, this has been the best single The 1975 has released this year. Although, the other singles are not too far behind. The 1975 knows how to have fun and also when to get a message across. Here, whoever is on the receiving end of “All I Need to Hear” is truly loved. It’s also a great track for anyone who’s love language is words of affirmation. Either way, Being Funny In A Foreign Language is sure to be a work of art so we can’t wait until October 14.

Featured Image: Dirty Hit

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