ADORA Magical Symphony Single

ADORA Composes A ‘Magical Symphony’ With New Single

Having already established herself as a powerhouse songwriter and in-house producer for the likes of K-pop superstars BTS. ADORA is jumping back into the driver’s seat with her first mini-album Adorable REbirth. While the singer has released singles previously, this album marks her first collective release of work, led by the adaptly titled single, “Magical Symphony.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, once again, it is that time / And don’t act like you don’t what I mean cause every time, is our time,” the tracks opens with a quick hype-building speech before jumping into the uplifting pop vibes. ADORA puts a nice twist on the title, opting for a drumline and marching band sound, rather than dramatic strings. It’s a great choice for the infectious vibes of this feel-good track. The track also has a drum machine underlining the trumpets and live drums, adding the edge that ADORA has shown in her previous production work. There is a great switch-up in the second verse, where instead of the bombastic sound, we get a more lowkey hip-hop beat with a melody played on what sounds like a child’s toy piano. It’s a change like this that not only shows a different side to ADORA, but also keeps the song from just being at one level the entire time.

Vocally, ADORA showcases her sweet and soft tone, adding to the bubblegum-pop vibes, while still showing us that she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Throughout the track, she dips into her falsetto, an airy delivery that adds to the whimsical track. She then goes all in towards the end of the song, showing off her fantastic whistle tones, giving listeners an excellent taste of her range and ability.

“Magical Symphony” is a great feel-good track celebrating the magic that can be found in everyday life while showcasing ADORA as not just a force to be reckoned with in the studio, but as an artist as well.

 Featured Image: AURA Entertainment

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