Seulgi 28 Reasons Review

Seulgi Embraces The Dark Side With Stunning Solo Debut

Since her debut as a member of girl group Red Velvet, Seulgi has consistently showed that she is an incredibly strong performer. Now on her first solo release, the mini album 28 Reasons, the singer shows listeners that she has so much more to offer.

The album as a whole is a striking balance between dark pop arrangements and smooth R&B with touches of dance beats. The darkness of tracks “28 Reasons” and “Los Angeles” are intoxicating with their moments of scarcity offset by epic builds nicely spaced throughout the tracks. The album also marks Seulgi’s first songwriting credit in the track “Dead Man Runnin'” a fantastically dramatic release. Her voice, laced with venom, is incredible and is bound to give listeners goosebumps.

These visceral tracks are balanced out with the track “Bad Boy, Sad Girl” featuring rapper BE’O, a more chill and upbeat offering. The narrative feels as though Seulgi breaks free from the night for a moment before she starts to dive back in with the dance track “Anywhere But Home.”

The lyrics on this album are dripping with vivid imagery and combined with Seulgi’s vocals that go from fiery to soft and haunting, to soaring, each song delivers its own compelling story of heartbreak and uncertainty in love. The whole package truly gives the whole album a cinematic feel. You’re not just listening to this album, you’re experiencing it.

The album’s closing track “Crown,” serves not just as a perfect ending, but also as an excellent representation of the release; with 28 Reasons Seulgi has fully stepped into her own and carries such a sense of regal elegance with every note. The imagery she conjures in each song tells the story of a young woman who has been to hell and back and is ready to take the throne no matter who or what tries to get in her way.

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