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Get Ready for Christmas with Bishop Briggs

Fresh off the release of her latest single, “superhuman,” Bishop Briggs surprised her fans on Friday with a new song, “Cheer,” which is perfect for the holiday season.

2022 has been an extremely productive year for Bishop. In April, she released “High Water” and “Art of Survival” in honor of her late sister, Kate. Then, in July, Briggs unveiled “Revolution,” an empowering anthem about self-healing and bravery. Later, in September, she released “Lessons of the Fire” for the Netflix series Devil in Ohio starring Emily Deschanel and Madeleine Arthur. Her latest single, “superhuman” came out last month, and it’s a love letter to her new baby.

To celebrate the holidays, Bishop released “Cheer” as “a warm and comforting blanket this holiday season. I have felt an immense importance with spreading joy amidst the darkness that can sometimes cloud my days. I hope this song brings that twinkle back into your eyes and an eagerness for some hot cocoa!” Moreover, Bishop Briggs’ website has some Christmas items up for pre-order such as a beanie, a holiday card, and a mug to fill with said cocoa.

Futhermore, the artwork for “Cheer” features a toddler wearing a cozy outfit in red and green, alluding to Bishop’s baby. When talking about her child, Briggs said, “I feel like my sister blessed me with this little baby. It feels like a little present from her.”

Definitely, “Cheer” captures all the Christmas spirit in the best way. The lyrics “Green ribbon in my hair / Laughter in the air / Snow falling down” and “If Christmas time is once a year, then all I wanna do is spread some cheer” will transport you to the magic world of festivities. If you needed more songs to complete your Christmas playlist, “Cheer” will surely earn a spot in it.

You can check out the track and its visualizer below, and don’t forget to buy and stream “superhuman” too. Happy holidays!

Featured Image: Arista Records

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